Install SSL Certificate

To install an SSL certificate:

  1. Log into the desired user account.
  2. Navigate to SSL Certs > Install an SSL Certificate.
  3. Enter the required information on this page. The input fields on this page are:
    1. Domain – Select a domain on which the SSL certificate is to be installed.
    2. Certificate – Copy paste the text from the SSL certificate file.
    3. Private Key – Copy paste your license’s private key in this field.
    4. Certificate Authority Bundle (Optional) - Add a Certificate authority bundle in the specified field.
  4. To finish, click on the "Save Changes" button (All the fields are necessary except ca bundle).
  5. After install is finished, the installed certificate can be seen on SSL Certs > Manage SSL Sites where the user also has the option to uninstall or update the certificate.
If your installed SSL does not appear on the list page (SSL Certs > Manage SSL Sites), just wait for 10-30 seconds and refresh the page.
Message Center:
Check the message center to see if there are any errors related to your SSL installation (see screenshots below).


Install 3rd Party SSL

Install 3rd Party SSL on your domain using ZesleCP

Install 3rd Party SSL on your domain using ZesleCP

Message Center

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