Server Settings

For this guide, we are using the as a primary domain and as a server IP address.

To fill server settings (in ZesleCP):

  1. Log into your ZesleCP with root user credentials.
  2. Navigate to Server Configuration > Server Settings.
  3. This page has the following input fields (see screenshot below):
    • Server Admin Email - This email will be used by your server to send system level notifications.
    • Server's Hostname - This hostname value must be a valid domain or subdomain and must point to your server IP. The recommended hostname is
      Note: This hostname will be used to install SSL on your ZesleCP panel URL (example: https://hostname:2087)
    • The server's default nameservers. - Enter and in left-side nameservers fields and enter your server's IP address in the right-side IP address fields.
  4. Click on the "Save Changes" button.

ZesleCP Server Configuration and Custom Nameservers

Make sure you already added your primary domain (for example: under domain management:
  1. Add your domain under domain management by following this guide here.

Next, please follow the setup custom nameservers guide to configure nameservers on your domain registrar side.