Add a New Email

To add a new email account:

  1. Log into the desired user account.
  2. Navigate to Email Accounts > Add a New Account.
  3. This page has the following input fields (see screenshot below):
    • Email user & Domain - Enter email and select domain for the new email account.
    • Password - Set a password or alternatively choose to generate a password.
  4. Click on the "Apply Changes" button to create the email account.
Email Not Working?
  1. Check with your hosting provider to confirm if email-service is enabled/allowed for your hosting server (this is the most common case)
  2. Check with your hosting server, if the following email related ports are open: 25, 110, 587, 465, 995 (you can check port status here )
  3. If you are using 3rd party MX records, make sure that your MX records are saved correctly. Navigate to Manager Domains > Domain > click on "DNS" button which will take you to the DNS settings page. Confirm your MX records there.
  4. If you are using the "Local Mail" option, make sure that you configured your custom name servers properly (Custom Nameservers).
Mail SMTP Settings:

SMTP Server: <your-server-hostname>
Username: full email (user@domain)
password: (password)
Secured connection using TLS is recommended
Port: 587

POP Server: <your-server-hostname>
Username: full email (user@domain)
password: (password)
Secured connection using SSL (recommended)
Port: 995

To delete an email account:

  1. Navigate to Email Accounts > All Email Accounts.
  2. Click the trash bin () icon next to the email listed that you want to remove/delete.
  3. Carefully read the popup message and click the "Yes, I'm sure" button to confirm the deletion. This will permanently delete the email account and all the email conversations/data associated with it.


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