Getting Started On DigitalOcean

ZesleCP is light-weight Web Hosting Control Platform. DigitalOcean's ZesleCP image provides a One-Click installer to automatically install Apache/Nginx, PHP, MySQL database server, Email servers with auto-configured SPF/MX/DKIM records, FTP server, One-click WordPress App, and many more useful features.

First, create your DigitalOcean droplet using ZesleCP Image

  1. Go to DigitalOcean marketplace here:
  2. Create your ZesleCP droplet using this image (click on "Create ZesleCP Droplet").
  3. After the installation of your ZesleCP droplet, login into your server command line terminal using root user and simply run sudo zesle first:run command.
  4. Above command will create your ZesleCP logins.
  5. In the end, run ZesleCP upgrade command. Please run this upgrade command two times (there are some known issues, we will fix those soon, in meantime please run it twice).

Access your ZesleCP Control Panel for the first time.

  1. Login into ZesleCP using the details you received from the sudo zesle first:run process.
  2. Your login URL will look like https://YOUR-SERVER-IP:2087
  3. Username: root
  4. Password: YOUR-PASSWORD (Don't know your password? Follow the instructions on Password Reset Page
  5. Login page may redirect you to the "Apply Licence" page. Please apply your licence key there.
  6. Don't have licence key? Get one from here.

Configure your ZesleCP Control Panel (this step is optional).

  1. In this section, you need to configure nameservers and custom hostnames (also called glue records).
  2. If you do not want to configure nameservers, then please skip to the next section.
  3. To proceed with the nameservers setup, follow our Server Configuration article.

Create your first User Account (this step is mandatory).

  1. Currently, you are logged in as a root user and accessing Admin Area.
  2. Navigate to Account Information > List Accounts.
  3. Create your first User Account to access the User Area.
  4. Now, login into your User Area with the user account that you just created.
  5. In User Area, you can add your Domains, Email Accounts, Databases, and all other stuff

You are all set. Enjoy your new ZesleCPv3 Control Panel.