Create MySQL User

To create a new MySQL User:

  1. Log into the desired user account.
  2. Navigate to Databases > MySQL User.
  3. Click "Create a New User" button on this page.
  4. This will trigger a pop-up window asking for the name of this user and a password that can be either manually entered or can be generated. A password should have upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, and special characters (see screenshots below).
  5. Add a name and password and click "Save Changes" to create this user.
MySQL user is saved using the following format "AccountUsername_NameEntered" e.g., if your user account's username is "test" and you enter MySQL user's name as "example_user", then the name of this MySQL user will be "test_example_user".


Create MYSQL User

Manage MySQL users with ZesleCP

Create MySQL user with ZesleCP