ZesleCP v3 beta is ready. Explore all the features and pricing here.
Note: These are outdated docs for ZesleCP v2 version. We are working on new ZesleCP v3 docs.

Add New Domain

To add a domain, navigate to Manage Domains > Add a New menu in your ZesleCP control panel, which leads to the Add New Domain form.


Add new domain into your ZesleCP control panel


Domain (without www) — Populate the input field with the Domain name that you want to ADD.
Example: https://www.example.com, then enter only "example.com" without http and www

is WildCard Domain? — tick this checkbox if you want to make your domain a Wildcard Domain.

Username or Add New User — Select SSH user for the domain. You can group multiple domains under the same SSH users for ease of management. Click here to learn more about SSH users.

Path — Enter your desired path for domain files. ZesleCP will automatically create directories, according to your selected path, under selected SSH user's home directory. You can leave it blank to create directory same as your domain name (recommended).

Select PHP Version — Check if your project/website have any specific PHP compatibility requirements. If not (or not sure), always select the latest version. You can manage PHP config settings and different PHP extensions directly from your ZesleCP control panel.

DNS Settings — ZesleCP will automatically generate and configure most of the DNS settings for you. You can always manage domain DNS settings by navigating to DNS Manager > List DNS Zones and then click on the pencil icon under Actions column.

Mail Routing Settings — ZesleCP have pre-configured MX records and SPF records settings for Mail Exchange, Google Apps, and Zoho Mail. If you not sure, leave it as default "Local Mail Exchanger". You can always change MX records under domain DNS settings.

All done? — Click Save Now button and browse your domain in a new tab and you should be able to see Welcome page by ZesleCP.

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