ZesleCP API and WHMCS module are available now.

Create Cron Job

To add a new crontab:

  1. Log into the desired user account.
  2. Navigate to Crontab Manager > Create Cron Job.
  3. This page has the following input fields:
    1. Common Settings - Select the frequency of this cron job from the Common setting drop-down menu. It features the list of commonly used time configurations for cron jobs.
    2. Minute/Hour/Day/Month/weekday – To select a time that is not available in the common settings menu, use these fields to set your desired time.
    3. Command - Enter the command, that you want to run with crontab, in the command input field (see screenshots below).
  4. Click "Save Changes" to save the cron job.
Supported PHP versions: ze-php72, ze-php73 and ze-php74.
Example command: /usr/bin/ze-php72 /home/testuser/crons/process-order.php
If you are adding shell script or other executable scripts in cron job. You must set the correct file permissions to allow a script to execute.
Warning: DO NOT edit crontab -e file directly. ZesleCP interface will over-write all of your direct changes in that file.


Create Cron Job

Create Cron Job using ZesleCP