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Custom Nameservers Setup

For this guide, we are using the exampledomain.com as a primary domain and as a server IP address.

To add custom nameservers (in ZesleCP):

  1. Log into your ZesleCP with root user credentials.
  2. Navigate to Server Configuration > Server Settings.
  3. This page has the following input fields (see screenshot below):
    • Server Admin Email - Enter any email address here.
    • Server's Hostname - Choose any hostname for your server. The recommended hostname is ns1.exampledomain.com.
    • The server's default nameservers. - Enter ns1.exampledomain.com and ns2.exampledomain.com in left-side nameservers fields and enter your server's IP address in the right-side IP address fields.
  4. Click on the "Save Changes" button.

ZesleCP Server Configuration and Custom Nameservers

To configure custom nameservers (in your domain registrar account):

  1. Log into your domain's registrar account to configure nameservers and custom hostnames (also called glue records) for the above entered ZesleCP values.
  2. For example, if your primary domain's registrar is Namecheap.com. Login into your Namecheap account and follow these steps:
  3. Navigate to "Domains" list and click on "Manage" button next to your primary/desired domain (see step 1 screenshot below).
  4. On domain detail, choose "Custom DNS" option then copy-paste your nameserver values from ZesleCP to here (see step 2 screenshot below).
  5. Save the changes by clicking on green tick icon ().
  6. Navigate to "Advanced DNS" tab. Click on " ADD NAMESERVER" to add your custom hostnames (see step 3 screenshot below).
  7. Choose "ns1" from the dropdown, enter your Server's IP, and click "Done". Repeat the same for adding "ns2".
  8. These changes may take up to 24-48 hours to propagate over the internet. You can check & verify your hostnames here .


Namecheap - step 1

Custom nameservers setup with ZesleCP. Namecheap example step 1

Namecheap - step 2

Custom nameservers setup with ZesleCP. Namecheap example step 2

Namecheap - step 3

Custom nameservers setup with ZesleCP. Namecheap example step 3