Assign MySQL User to Database

To assign MySQL user to database:

  1. Log into the desired user account.
  2. Navigate to Databases > MySQL Databases.
  3. Click "Add User" or "Existing User" links (see screenshots below).
  4. This will trigger a pop-up window asking for the name that you want to link.
  5. Complete the pop-up form and click "Save Changes" to assign the user.
Tip: You can assign the same MySQL user to multiple MySQL databases.

Accessing phpMyAdmin:

  1. To access phpMyAdmin, simply navigate to Databases > Access PHPMyAdmin which will take you to the phpMyAdmin interface.


Assign MySQL User to Database

Manage MySQL databases with ZesleCP

Assign MySQL user to database using ZesleCP

PhpMyAdmin Interface

Access phpMyAdmin using ZesleCP