ZesleCP API and WHMCS module are available now.

File Manager Basics

To access File Manager:

  1. Log into the desired user or root account.
  2. If you are logged in as user, Navigate to File Manager option in side menu.
  3. If you are logged in as root, Navigate to System Info & Log Files > File Manager.

File Manager Features:

  1. File browsing
  2. File creation
  3. File deletion
  4. File copying
  5. File moving
  6. File compression and extraction
  7. File renaming
  8. File editing in a text editor
  9. File uploading from client machine
  10. File downloading to client machine
  11. Hierarchical file system
  12. and, many more (see screenshots below)
Remember: If you need to upload files under user account or for any domain, then always login with that user account and use user account's File Manager area. DO NOT upload user/domain files using root account's File Manager area because it will mix the file permissions.
  • For selecting multiple files, click and draw a selection rectangle with your mouse or pointing device or alternatively, hold down shift key and click the files you want to select.
  • To upload files, click the upload button in the menu bar which will open up a pop-up. Now a file explorer can be used to selected the files you want to upload or you can drag-drop the files you want to upload too.


Access File Manager

ZesleCP File Manager Features

Select Multiple Files

ZesleCP File Manager Features

ZesleCP File Manager Features

Files Uploader

ZesleCP File Manager Features