ZesleCP v3 beta is ready. Explore all the features and pricing here.
Note: These are outdated docs for ZesleCP v2 version. We are working on new ZesleCP v3 docs.


You need to complete the easy registration process to register the control panel with us so that we can provide you the support based on your registration. This registration process is absolutely FREE.


Add new domain into your ZesleCP control panel


First, you need to register the account at www.zeslecp.com.

  1. Fill in your details in the registration form and submit it.
  2. Check your email inbox (also check spam/junk folder) for the account activation email. Click the activation link from the email.
  3. Once activated, login &navigate to accounts details page here. Copy your user id

Now, you can go back to your Control Panel window to complete the process:

  1. Enter your full name in the "name" field.
  2. Enter the email address, that you used to register at www.zeslecp.com, in the "registered email" field.
  3. Paste your user id, that you copied from your ZesleCP website account, in the "user id" field.
  4. Lastly, click the "Register" button

Your control panel is successfully registered. Enjoy!