ZesleCP v3 beta is ready. Explore all the features and pricing here.
Note: These are outdated docs for ZesleCP v2 version. We are working on new ZesleCP v3 docs.


It's really easy to install ZesleCP control panel and it only takes 5-10 minutes.


  1. Connect to SSH Terminal — Open any SSH terminal (ex: PuTTY), connect to your Ubuntu/CentOS server and login as a root user.

  2. Run install command — Copy-paste the following command into SSH terminal and hit Enter key.
    cd /home && sudo curl -o latest -L http://release.zeslecp.com/latest && sudo sh latest
    This command will change the session to the home directory, downloads the latest version of ZesleCP, and will start the installation process.

    This ZesleCPv2 installer has deprecated. Please get our latest ZesleCPv3 installer here.

    Once the installation is started, it will ask for the email address. Enter any of your email address, hit enter, and wait for the 5-10 minutes for the installation to complete

    ZesleCP control panel

  3. Installation Completed — You will see all the details in the terminal after the installation has finished. See the example screenshot below.

    ZesleCP control panel

  4. Open the control panel — Open control panel link, as mentioned in your terminal at point 2., in your browser. Ex: https://YOUR-SERVER-IP:2087

    This might show you the "Site is not secure" or "Potential risk" warning. You can safely ignore it because there nothing to worry about. See the example screenshots of different browser windows below:

  5. Login — You should see ZesleCP login screen now. Username "root" and password is your root user password.

    ZesleCP control panel

Enjoy your new control panel.