5 Tips To Create Better Content With Google Trends

When we talk about content creation, not all the time our team will have the ingenuity to find ideas when producing. We have prepared these 5 tips to use Google Trends, the Google search trends tool that will help you create better content. First of all, Google Trends has positioned itself as one of the essential tools when […] [read more]

10 Tips To Improve Natural Positioning On Google

The natural positioning in Google is one of the priorities of every brand. Each of them knows that appearing in the first rankings of this search engine increases traffic to their digital media, which generates greater capture of leads and conversions. We invite you to achieve this, applying the following 10 tips in the development of your […] [read more]

Ways To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

The power of social media to generate attention is increasingly important in Digital Marketing. An example of this is Facebook, the most visited social platform on the planet. Is it possible to increase the organic reach in this medium? The answer is yes, but you have to know what techniques to apply and at what time. First […] [read more]

Content Marketing Loyalty, How Does It Occur?

Keeping a client is more valuable than conquering a new one. The reason why loyalty by Content Marketing, can be the key piece in an Inbound Marketing campaign. Adopt a strategy that generated loyal consumers, and recommend our content. According to a Forbes article in February 2013, retaining a consumer costs seven times less than acquiring a new one. However, we must be at […] [read more]

Solve the most common Errors when installing or updating Windows 10

From the first versions of the operating system, the installation process is quite simple, there is no mystery. Just run the installation and follow the wizard to the end, until, after several minutes, we find the desktop. Except for serious errors, it is rare to encounter problems when installing Windows. Or so it was until the launch of Windows 10, […] [read more]

10 tips to improve engagement on Twitter

The word engagement means commitment or involvement when it comes to creating strong and lasting working relationships. If we refer to Social Networks, engagement is in a formidable way to create and strengthen these professional relationships, and it is undoubtedly one of the desired goals of any professional or brand worth it’s salt. Below we will see […] [read more]

10 Tips to Improve Engagement on Facebook

I had been wanting to write an article that dealt with how to improve engagement in Social Networks. see the most effective ways to increase engagement on Facebook. 1.- Quality of users VS Quantity It has been shown after the latest changes made to the Facebook algorithm that having thousands of fans on our Facebook page will […] [read more]

Advantages Vs Disadvantages of URL Shorteners

A URL shortener, as the name indicates, is a tool that reduces the size of a link by compressing the address of a web page. If you work with digital marketing or have a social media strategy, you know that it’s not always possible to share the original links to your site or blog. And the main reason […] [read more]

10 of the best URL shorteners on the Internet

The information on the Internet is growing and much of it circulates through social networks, and as is well known, the vast majority of updates that are shared on this type of site are links to the content of interest, which leads us to look for the way to do your best and in a […] [read more]