The power of social media to generate attention is increasingly important in Digital Marketing. An example of this is Facebook, the most visited social platform on the planet.

Is it possible to increase the organic reach in this medium? The answer is yes, but you have to know what techniques to apply and at what time.

First things: share quality content

As simple as it sounds. The value of the content will be the first step to generate those longed for “likes” and other types of reactions. This can work in two directions: external content linked on Facebook and also those generated exclusively for this social network. Thus:

-It is recommended to link the corporate blog posts that generate the most interest with a brief introduction that invites followers to click on those links. This will be beneficial for social SEO and therefore will generate organic traffic.

-The great variety of content formats will work perfectly in this social medium. Infographics, GIFS, and videos help generate interest and gain new followers. Also, each of them can support a central idea expressed in the text, so you have to use your imagination to combine the formats that are necessary.

-The originality of the linked information is essential to increase the scope of it.

Live streaming and its great benefits

This increasingly popular tool on Facebook provides an opportunity to approach followers in a practical and fun way. Furthermore, it generates a lot of interest and can positively impact conversions. Thus:

-It is necessary to respect the time of the audience, so each transmission must be punctual. Sometimes, making them wait a few minutes will generate expectations, but you should not abuse it at any time.

-The live video must be conducted by people with charisma and mastery of the subject. They do not need to be professionals, but they do need a natural ability to transmit ideas through dialogue and also the patience necessary to resolve doubts.

-In the event that a conference is broadcast that in turn has its own audience in the respective physical location, in addition to the users who will enjoy it via Facebook, it must be mentioned during streaming and invite the latter to send their greetings and questions throughout the event.

The value of reactions: how to take advantage of them?

Each brand on Facebook dreams of getting thousands and even millions of “likes”. However, most observant take advantage of the power of the other reactions (sadness, anger, laughter, love, and amazement) to generate content from them. What conclusions are drawn from it?

-Emotional marketing will help generate more attention on Facebook and therefore gain more followers. The need to please a broader audience segment will help generate content that they will love and fall in love with, while in other cases it can make them sad, angry, amused and amazed.

-It is vital to pay attention to the quality of the reactions, that is, a large number of “amuses me” generated by humorous content is excellent. It will not be the same situation when such a reaction is obtained due to the lack of credibility of the link, for example.

Likewise, the “angry” reaction is normal when it comes to unpleasant news not related to the company, but it represents an alarm signal if it is caused by a massive non-conformity attributable to the brand.

In conclusion: Facebook feedbacks offer valuable feedback that needs to be leveraged to generate new content and make adjustments to strategy whenever necessary.

The power of the business network

Company employees will help increase social SEO in this medium thanks to a simple technique: suggest that they share Facebook updates with their followers, friends, and family.

For this, it is necessary that they are really committed to the brand, which includes previously reading the content, discussing it and analyzing it. In this context, each of them is a spokesperson for it and their opinions will be valuable in generating new users and potential customers.

Links should always direct the user to a reliable, quality site

This includes optimized landing pages, corporate blogs, electronic stores, and official pages for each company. Each link must be of absolute quality and credibility. This guarantees the user’s trust and also helps the Facebook algorithm to identify the company as a professional site in all aspects. It should be remembered that recently the team of this social network announced penalties for those sites that share false information, or direct the user to unreliable advertising websites.

Facebook shows that social networks are the ideal complement to a Content Marketing strategy. Therefore, applying the correct techniques will guarantee a greater organic reach, thus achieving the expected visits and the necessary followers.