7 Ways to Increase Your Content Relevancy with E-A-T?

E-A-T is a term that stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Google considers three elements when determining how much trust to invest in a business or website. The search engine giant strives to provide its consumers the most significant possible experience (search engine users). That is why it only promotes websites that it completely trusts. […] [read more]

How To Promote Your Online Store?

To succeed in the world of eCommerce, it is not enough to create a virtual store and launch it on the market: it is important that the promotions and positions on the Web. In 2021 the figure who purchase from online is expected to increase to 2.14 billion. The aforementioned shows the penetration that electronic commerce has […] [read more]

5 Tips To Create Better Content With Google Trends

When we talk about content creation, not all the time our team will have the ingenuity to find ideas when producing. We have prepared these 5 tips to use Google Trends, the Google search trends tool that will help you create better content. First of all, Google Trends has positioned itself as one of the essential tools when […] [read more]

10 Tips To Improve Natural Positioning On Google

The natural positioning in Google is one of the priorities of every brand. Each of them knows that appearing in the first rankings of this search engine increases traffic to their digital media, which generates greater capture of leads and conversions. We invite you to achieve this, applying the following 10 tips in the development of your […] [read more]

10 tips to improve engagement on Twitter

The word engagement means commitment or involvement when it comes to creating strong and lasting working relationships. If we refer to Social Networks, engagement is in a formidable way to create and strengthen these professional relationships, and it is undoubtedly one of the desired goals of any professional or brand worth it’s salt. Below we will see […] [read more]

10 Tips to Improve Engagement on Facebook

I had been wanting to write an article that dealt with how to improve engagement in Social Networks. see the most effective ways to increase engagement on Facebook. 1.- Quality of users VS Quantity It has been shown after the latest changes made to the Facebook algorithm that having thousands of fans on our Facebook page will […] [read more]

What Are The Best email Management Software?

Windows 10 offers a wide variety of impressive applications that can increase both your productivity and your peace of mind, especially when it comes to email. Of course there are hundreds of “best email management (messaging) software” that claim to achieve this goal. We have established a complete list of the cream of the crop – “The […] [read more]

6 Tips To Protect Your Domain Name From Domain Thieves

Domains of thieves? Yes, a tricky subcategory of those buyers and resellers of the domain that we call domainers . To buy a deferred or expiring domain name (also known as: trap) is not an illegal activity in itself: you buy domains that no one else requires, and if you mean to use them legally (for personal or commercial purposes), […] [read more]

Buying Domain? Follow These Tips

In this guide, we’ll cover all topics so you can make informed decisions when buying a domain name for your business. This guide includes some basic rules to follow and many useful tips. First, let’s start with a few terms that are commonly used when talking about domainn. Basic domain terminology What is a domain name? The […] [read more]