Keeping a client is more valuable than conquering a new one. The reason why loyalty by Content Marketing, can be the key piece in an Inbound Marketing campaign. Adopt a strategy that generated loyal consumers, and recommend our content. According to a Forbes article in February 2013, retaining a consumer costs seven times less than acquiring a new one.

However, we must be at the customer’s service so as not to regret user losses. It is important to make a good impression from the first contact with the potential client, to strengthen trust. The process that the consumer goes through can be differentiated into four stages:

  • To explore
  • Compare
  • Evaluate
  • To buy

How are customers loyalty through Content Marketing?

Keeping track of the user throughout the process is one of the previous measures that we must take into account before starting a loyalty campaign by Content Marketing. To guarantee the user’s trust, forming satisfied customers, verifying that we comply with their needs and wishes. This activity requires fluid communication, fueled by methods such as: success stories, annual reports, press releases, subscriptions, and newsletters. Simultaneously we invite consumers to be participants in the internal changes of the brand. A survey is a tool that allows us to obtain specific information, which we can use in other Content Marketing strategies.

Social networks are the quintessential channel to interact with customers. Given its immediacy characteristics, it is the ideal setting to generate genuine feedback with the user, to clear concerns, answer queries, and disseminate our material. However, we must perform optimal management to support the client: responding to all interactions imminently; publish our valuable content in a moderate way (do not generate an invasive tweet cataract); replicate third-party content that provides information.

Email Marketing is a procedure frequently used in a campaign of this nature. The use of it is recommended for its direct relationship with the user. Sharing educational content ranging from multimedia files, case studies, guides, tutorials, knowledge bases. Content has a lot of influence on consumers and is a resource to differentiate yourself from the competition. In order to reward the purchase in exchange, the client provides us with valuable information (which is stored in a database) to study their behavior.

How does Content Marketing help in customer loyalty?

If we correctly apply the different steps of the loyalty campaign process, previously developed, we will be in a position to obtain a loyal consumer who trusts our brand or service. Faced with this scenario, there is a high probability that the customer will make a new purchase. If your customers are satisfied with the purchase or the services provided, they are likely to remain loyal and recommend your brand to other users. This process will have a positive impact on your brand reputation and inevitably economic growth.

The results of the loyalty strategy, in part, will depend on the quality of the content generated. Because it is the means to reach your audience. That is why it is recommended to integrate into the campaign:

  • In-house content creation team: the traditional way. This option requires a high purchasing power, to hire permanent journalists who create content.
  • Freelance journalists: a trend in trend, hire freelance writers or service journalists, to generate content. There are different web pages wherein simple steps we can publish ads. Or directly hire a copywriter with a high reputation.
  • Content platforms: refer to the creation of quality content to platforms. A hybrid between the “internal team” and the “freelance journalists”, where you can monitor the process of the requested content.