Types of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

The effectiveness of your marketing effort depends on the email marketing provider you choose. We know that emails are one of the most significant channels to use, whether you’re just starting with email marketing or have been sending marketing emails weekly. Hence, digital marketers invest significant effort in their drive for customers across several platforms. […] [read more]

5 Smart Strategies to Boost Ecommerce Customer Engagement

Keeping your customers happy is a difficult task for many online companies. Thus, you have to spend more than ever on customer engagement strategies. That’s because using the right customer engagement strategies is vital whether you’re starting an ecommerce business or running an existing one. Moreover, many ecommerce companies don’t make as much revenue as […] [read more]

Why ROI Matters For Businesses?

The term “return on investment” (or “ROI”) refers to a number that companies use to determine how effective their expenditure is. It’s especially useful for determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and for removing the ambiguity associated with crunching the statistics. Moreover, an online ROI calculator by calculator-online.net is specifically designed for entrepreneurs to know […] [read more]