What is web hosting? How many types of web hosting are there?

Web hosting is a service for hosting websites on specialized servers and providing access to them via the Internet. Companies providing web hosting services ( hosting providers ) allocate space on their own or rental servers and provide the necessary width of the Internet channel. Companies can also provide the service of accommodation servers of other companies in their data […] [read more]

A Little About VPN: A Brief Overview of Software Implementations

Recently, in our blog, we touched on the topic of data storage, or rather technologies that can change our understanding of data centers with you. Today we want to talk about technologies that are directly related to data transfer. Today, many people use a VPN to solve corporate or personal problems and know that there are a fairly large number of different […] [read more]

File backup: how to be safe from data loss

More and more valuable information is created and stored in digital format. At the same time, the risk of losing or ruining this data is growing. It’s even painful to imagine that you can lose a web project, order information from an online store or database. The damage is huge – not only financial, but also temporary, because […] [read more]

Google Search Secret Chips

We use search engines daily. But few people know that those simple queries that usually come from us on Google are not very effective. Users most often enter two or three words, changing them until a suitable result is found.  But with advanced search capabilities, things are much faster! Here are some of the most useful hacks […] [read more]