What Is The Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS?

When you enter a web page, its address is headed by the acronym HTTP or HTTPS. It is important to know that they are protocols that allow web users to transfer information. And why is it important to know this? Because depending on the type of protocol, we will know if the data that is traveling through […] [read more]

Protect Your Web Application Using SSL Certificates

Custom technologies are being updated, new security threats and failures that can be used by malicious people come out every day. Not only to steal information, but to use it as a bridge to attack others. That is why when we are going to publish our web application or website we must take into account the […] [read more]

Is The Internet VPN Connection Secure?

Of course, a VPN service works like a data router. It establishes an encrypted route for traffic between the office and your computer, then forwards the traffic to where you would like to go in the way it was originally located. What Advantages Does A VPN Connection Have? It allows external access to internal networks, through […] [read more]

What Is DHCP?

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol that is used to provide fast, automatic and central administration for the distribution of IP addresses within a network. DHCP is also used to configure the subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server information on the device. How DHCP Works A DHCP server is used to issue […] [read more]

What Are SPF Records And How Do They Help Filter Spam?

Verification of email authenticity can be very technical and extremely confusing. Even the most experienced security professionals need help both to navigate this space and to explain it in digestible and precise terms to non-technical colleagues. In Return Path, we believe that clarity is essential when it comes to communicating the value of email security. Two […] [read more]

What Is An Application Firewall (WAF) And How Does It Benefit?

The benefits of WAF or Application Firewall can make the difference between a secure web application and one that has been compromised. Many IT managers still struggle with WAFs because they are expensive and difficult to maintain. Sometimes, they are considered unnecessary if there are other security practices, such as the proper development of secure software and […] [read more]

Differences Between FTP, FTPS And SFTP

Sometimes we get complicated with these terms. Choose the transfer protocol you should use to upload your website. It is more confusing when almost everyone looks alike in the name, there are some differences between them, in particular, how data exchange occurs, security levels and the server or client firewall. FTP The FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) […] [read more]

What Are The Best email Management Software?

Windows 10 offers a wide variety of impressive applications that can increase both your productivity and your peace of mind, especially when it comes to email. Of course there are hundreds of “best email management (messaging) software” that claim to achieve this goal. We have established a complete list of the cream of the crop – “The […] [read more]

The 6 Free Security Tools For IT Administrators

We’ve put together the 6 free security software tools for system administrators. These tools are supposed to make your job easier and help you solve security problems more quickly. 1. KeePass Password Safe Free open source password manager, it helps you manage your passwords safely. You can store all your passwords in a database locked by a master key […] [read more]