Understanding Web Hosting Control Panel: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Web Hosting Control Panels help in the managing and accessing of servers used in web hosting, and hence they are integral to maintaining the quality of your hosting service. Web hosting control panel is an efficient and effective method of controlling the processes and day-to-day working of the hosting server. This not only helps in […] [read more]

Everything You Need to Know About Physical and Virtual Servers

Administrators must examine virtual and physical servers separately to grasp the distinctions fully. Although virtual servers require a real server, their design is distinct from any physical server hosting a web, database, or file server. How Does a Physical Server Differ from a Virtual Server? A single-tenant computer server also called a “bare-metal server,” is […] [read more]

What Do You Need To Know When Creating a Website?

If you are a business owner or you are an entrepreneur and you want to create a website, you must take into account some previous factors, so that you get a professional job. In this post, we will give you some recommendations so that you discover what you need to know when creating a website. DEFINE WHAT TYPE OF WEBSITE YOU NEED This […] [read more]

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting for WordPress

Are you hosting your wordpress website? Here are some frequently asked questions on WordPress Hosting. Why do I need WordPress hosting to launch the site? If you want to create a website on WordPress, you need web hosting. The hosting server will store the files of your site. Each site necessarily uses hosting. This is the home site. There […] [read more]

What is web hosting? How many types of web hosting are there?

Web hosting is a service for hosting websites on specialized servers and providing access to them via the Internet. Companies providing web hosting services ( hosting providers ) allocate space on their own or rental servers and provide the necessary width of the Internet channel. Companies can also provide the service of accommodation servers of other companies in their data […] [read more]

File backup: how to be safe from data loss

More and more valuable information is created and stored in digital format. At the same time, the risk of losing or ruining this data is growing. It’s even painful to imagine that you can lose a web project, order information from an online store or database. The damage is huge – not only financial, but also temporary, because […] [read more]

Why do we need a dedicated server? Where to get it?

Servers are used everywhere – from small sites to large online games. We will tell you why you need a dedicated server, as well as where such a server can be taken. The load on the site increases proportionally with an increase in visitors to your site or with an increase in global Internet traffic. Many servers do not […] [read more]

Why do we need a virtual server?

As you know, most databases, mailboxes, large projects and Internet resources are hosted on servers of hosting providers that provide: required functionality; the ability to use certain administration and development tools; support for modern technologies that allow you to add certain plugins and manage the contents of complex sites without programming knowledge. However, such visual […] [read more]