Are you looking to build dynamic web pages for your website? You can trust Angular. As the framework comes with a bundle of development tools, it assists developers in creating exceptional web pages.

Due to its comprehensive architecture and extensive tools, developers prefer it over other available frameworks. With Angular, you can customize different characteristics using basic JavaScript.

Plus, you can use HTML as a template language and extend functionality by adding built-in attributes and components. Google launched the Angular framework in 2010, and since then, it’s been the most preferred one for developers.

Also, its integration capabilities support many tools. So let’s dive deep and explore the 15 best AngularJS tools in 2024.

The Best Angular Tools of 2024

1. Jasmine

Jasmine is the most popular framework, capable of testing any JS application. It follows a behavior-driven procedure that ensures each line of JS is unit-tested.

The best part is that it does not depend on any framework and does not require DOM. In addition, it uses simple syntax that helps developers write clean code.

Besides, it is an open-source framework. Also, it offers a simple learning curve and has a large community.

With Jasmine, you can get an excellent programming style based on your needs. Compared to other JS frameworks, it is a heavy platform.

2. Angular GetText

Angular GetText is ideal for supporting effortless translation in your applications, which eases development. It is a small plugin, so developers with no experience can install the tool to get started with ideal code.

Beyond this, it isolates the translation support as an added module that does not affect the development part. You can refer to it as straightforward Angular JS translation support.

It’s easy to type the support in English, check the translation box, and leave the rest to the tool. Developers can use the GetText tool to convert the versions of annotated code into more understandable framework commands.

3. Karma

With Karma, developers can test Angular codes in a real-time environment without issues. It works as a test runner, starts the dedicated server or web servers, and serves JS test files on the server.

As each browser’s behavior is different, testing ensures the smooth functioning of the application. The best part of Karma is that you can deploy the tool directly to test the products on supported browsers and devices.

The framework works with varied testing frameworks, like Jasmine. You can extend the tool and also deal with browser-based testing & configurations. However, it has a deep learning curve, which is tricky.

4. Webstorm

Webstorm is the best IDE with an online editor and is compatible with CSS and HTML. It provides a dedicated support environment for JS and an exceptional experience

Most importantly, it can understand your project structure and assist you in writing codes. Also, you can effortlessly detect errors in the code.

The tool is efficient and offers good JS web support. Beyond this, it offers simple documentation and has a built-in HTML preview.

With its navigation & support, you can find files, classes, symbols, and unique IDE actions. However, the tool may take time for an initial startup, making it time-consuming.

5. Angular Fire

If you wish to integrate with a backend developer tool, Angular Fire is the best bet. Apart from fostering a dynamic API, it offers excellent development capability.

It also features three-way data binding support with a flexible API. Simply put, it smooths over any rough edges a developer might come across when implementing a project.

When working with the tool, you can follow the established line of patterns. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and test different apps. Angular Fire is the best option for the user experience, as the information loads quickly. However, it may be tricky to test in the environment, and its learning curve is steep.

6. Generator Angular

Generator Angular offers a perfect setup to launch the app development project. Placing the defaults at the starting point saves precious time for developers. Depending on your needs, you can use the tool as a startup or an editor.

Generator Angular is the best tool if you want to save time on launch and setup for starting a new project. Beyond this, it creates an editable wireframe based on sensible defaults.

Besides, it includes boilerplate generators that a developer needs. The framework is also a feasible option for new developers that require launch help.

7. Ng Inspector

Ng Inspector is the best debugging tool for Angular JS applications. You can access properties of element scope when an element is selected using the tool.

With the tool, you can deal with different scopes by utilizing unique directives and controllers in the development. The best part is that it is a Safari and Chrome extension, so integrating with them is simple.

You can develop, debug, and understand your applications with the tool. In addition, it highlights the DOM nodes on the webpage. The tool or extension can add an auditor sheet in the browser to help with the development and troubleshooting phases.

8. Mocha.js

Mocha.js is a flexible and feature-rich framework that makes asynchronous testing uncomplicated. Plus, it offers browser support with test coverage reporting. With that, you can use an assertion library, which is responsible for eliminating exceptions on failure.

The best thing about Mocha is its unique API feature. Additionally, it can run tests to match the regexp and provide test coverage.

Besides, it can support business-oriented features such as TDD and BDD. The tool considers nonconcurrent testing for reporting, making it suitable for accuracy.

However, it may require deep configuration, and some tests do not run in random order. Mocha offers the best JavaScript API for running tests.

9. Protractor

Protractor is the best end-to-end framework for Angular JS applications. It runs tests against apps running in real browsers and interacts with them as a real user would.

In addition, it is built on webDriverjs, which uses native events to interact with apps. The framework supports angular-specific locator strategies that specifically allow the testing of angular-specific elements without effort.

Also, it can automatically execute the next step in the test when the web pages finish the pending tasks. Beyond this, it supports behavior-driven frameworks like Mocha and Jasmine. However, the framework only supports JavaScript, and there is no robot class support.

10. Angular Seed

Angular Seed provides an efficient and extensible startup for the development of Angular projects. It allows you to update the seed tasks of your existing project.

Plus, it supports Angular applications with a shared codebase in a single seed instance. With that, it provides ahead-of-time compilation support and a development server with Livereload.

The best part about the tool is that it provides full Docker support for production and development environments. Ideally, the tool acts as a superstructure for Angular JS applications.

With the framework, you can perform sample unit tests with Karma and Jasmine. Lastly, it provides way ahead-of-time compilation support.

11. Djangular

The Djangular tool helps create Angular JS content based on the app instead of creating massive Angular applications in Django. You can selectively use the applications per site for a stable structure across all the applications.

Simply put, it allows the namespacing of Angular content per Django app. Moreover, the tool allows the app’s different modules to be included based on settings.

The Djangular tool provides a reusable app that integrates with Angular JS. As a result, you can find and use Angular apps based on the site. However, you might require many configurations with the framework. Also, compared to other tools, it is a heavy open-source tool.

12. Angular Kickstart

Angular Kickstart is one of the most popular Angular development tools. It helps automate the development process, optimizing work for the developer.

Developers can address different bugs with regular updates. Plus, the tool works on a clear API for Angular JS development. Ideally, communication becomes simple with a kickstart.

In addition, it enhances the pace of development by integrating with other tools. The tool speeds up the development process and captures the code to make it reusable. However, you will need an IDE restart to update the plugin, which is time-consuming. Also, it does not run in other browsers except Chrome.

13. Videogular

With Vigeogular, you can build video applications on Angular. The tool is a wrapper over an HTML 5 video tag, so you can flexibly use it. There is no flash support, which makes the code faster.

Moreover, there is no need to write JavaScript to create a player; instead, you can use HTML and CSS. As it’s extensible, you can create your own plugins.

Plus, you can use plain CSS to create your theme. With the tool, you can play anything, thanks to the API support. Also, it features bindable properties that can help developers create custom plugins. The tool can support advanced HTML 5-based video-playing features.

14. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a powerful text editor that can help develop and test web page code. It is a framework that simplifies the development task.

Ideally, it offers effortless functionality and coding facilities. The framework features a go-to definition feature that offers developers the information they require to use in the process.

Moreover, the go-to-anything feature can save time by allowing you to hover over specific symbols and written words in the code.

Besides, the multiple selection feature can help with changes and edits applied to variables or lines. The tool offers a CSS sorting feature that sorts properties in top order.

15. Angular UI

Angular UI offers a set of components built in Angular. You can use the components as building blocks in the application environment. The best part about the framework is that there is minimal code required.

Also, UI components make up a prime reason why Angular JS development is popular. In addition, the tool facilitates the rapid delivery and design of different Angular JS apps. With multiple modules, you can trust the tool for the efficiency it offers.

Wrapping up

A dynamic and feature-rich application requires a robust framework. Angular is the best framework for developing such apps. By using Angular tools, you can create the best Angular-based apps to match your business needs. The above-listed Angular JS tools are some of the finest tools you can start with.

Author Bio: Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT,  ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 12+ years of experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and SaaS applications.