When we talk about content creation, not all the time our team will have the ingenuity to find ideas when producing. We have prepared these 5 tips to use Google Trends, the Google search trends tool that will help you create better content.

First of all, Google Trends has positioned itself as one of the essential tools when it comes to developing a content marketing strategy. Learning to use this platform is necessary so that you never run out of material, especially if you manage the strategies of several people.

Now you are going to learn how to use Google Trends to create better content, let’s start:

1. Find topics of the moment

Using the themes that are moving the world is the best way to gain leads. In Google Trends you can see the most wanted topics. As a content agency, you must be clear about what you are going to select from the list that you will see there.

Not everything will fit your needs, so you should ask yourself if the topic will be relevant to your audience and your potential customers.

2. Improve your keywords

With Google Trends you can explore the most searched terms.

When doing it, follow the following tips:

  • Compare the duration of the moments when the keywords were trending, you can define if they are momentary or lasting.
  • Filter the results by category, sometimes the data of other keywords may appear.
  • Select the type of search according to your needs. So you can interpret the data according to what you are looking for with your content marketing strategy. For example, if your strategy is through videos, you can select “Youtube Search”.

You can summarize these three tips in Context.

The context seeks that you look at the panorama and not only a part of it. Taking context into account makes the terms you selected show whether or not they’re a trend.

In other words: if you look up the word “trips to Canada” during the last month, you may see a line that shows that the number of people searching is decreasing, but if you locate it compared to the last 5 years, You will realize that only towards vacation periods this term will begin to be more written by users.

In the previous case, the context is related to the times of the year. But it is not the only one: black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, new year, etc.

Analyzing keywords with context is what will allow you as a content agency to offer strategic solutions to your clients and at the same time improve the SEO of their site.

3. Create a content calendar

Google Trends allows you to view up to 5 years ago people’s interest in a keyword. With that time we can see what are the best moments that keyword has had.

For example, look at what happens when we explore the word “entrepreneur.”

Each peak was precisely towards the months of September and October, what can you do with this?

You already know that you will have a greater impact if you publish content related to entrepreneurs towards those months.

But that’s not all, also after the graph, it will tell you the topics and related queries. From there you can start creating your content calendar.

4. Plan a material recycling

You should not always be creating new and different content.

Most make the mistake of creating content that is different and in some cases unrelated to what was previously elaborated.

It is possible that when observing the searches in Google Trends, topics that you had previously discussed appear, you can go to that content, improve it and relaunch it.

Recycling the material you already had allows you to optimize your time by not having to do something from scratch.

5. Find inspiration

With so much work to do, maybe the point will come that you don’t know what else to do. Google Trends can help you find the inspiration you need.

From the beginning of the platform you can find current trends, it will show them in your country but you can change it and visualize them.

Sometimes your spark will help you create content. But don’t forget that creativity involves being inspired by what you observe in a strategic way.

Now you know how to use Google Trends, it is time to start improving the quality of your material. Remember that from your content marketing strategy you will get the results you are looking for, whether you are managing someone else’s projects or want to make yourself known as a content agency. Start doing content marketing today!