Why do we need a dedicated server? Where to get it?

Servers are used everywhere – from small sites to large online games. We will tell you why you need a dedicated server, as well as where such a server can be taken. The load on the site increases proportionally with an increase in visitors to your site or with an increase in global Internet traffic. Many servers do not […] [read more]

Why do we need a virtual server?

As you know, most databases, mailboxes, large projects and Internet resources are hosted on servers of hosting providers that provide: required functionality; the ability to use certain administration and development tools; support for modern technologies that allow you to add certain plugins and manage the contents of complex sites without programming knowledge. However, such visual […] [read more]

How to protect and secure your site

Securing a website is the main task of not only the system administrator or the person performing his role, but also the direct owner of the Internet source. It is terrible to imagine what neglect of the security of an Internet resource can lead to. It can be either a deterioration in the site’s search positions, or […] [read more]

5 ways to increase website loading speed

How to speed up the loading of web pages to save visitors who are not used to waiting. Introductory Facts First of all, download speed affects behavioral factors: viewing depth and number of failures. Fast sites have a higher conversion rate. The success of search promotion is also indirectly dependent on speed: ceteris paribus, Google takes into […] [read more]

Remember, Bad Hosting Will Ruin Your Website

Do you think your site is the best in the world? You have no doubt that it will bring you profit? Do you think that any hosting is suitable for your site ? You are deeply mistaken. Not only will poor hosting not raise your ranking in search engines and directories, it can also hurt your site. Good hosting can draw […] [read more]