Windows 10 offers a wide variety of impressive applications that can increase both your productivity and your peace of mind, especially when it comes to email. Of course there are hundreds of “best email management (messaging) software” that claim to achieve this goal. We have established a complete list of the cream of the crop – “The best messaging software for Windows 10”. Stop smashing your head against the keyboard with frustration and install one of those apps for Windows 10 that works best for you!

What is the best messaging software for Windows 10?


Mozilla’s own messaging software is not only still around, but it’s still alive and well. It has been popular and considered one of the best messaging software for Windows 10 for years because it is a very functional application. An attractive feature that users love is the fact that it works easily. In case it does not work well, you will find a lot of tips and tricks to fix any problem yourself.

Thunderbird offers some other great features. This is one of the only programs that allows you to enlarge the size of the window as you would easily with a web browser – making it ideal for those who appreciate a widescreen monitor. An extremely powerful spam filter keeps unwanted junk mail out of the box. If you request an RSS feed, you can integrate it as well. It is more than likely that there is an extension on Thunderbird if you thought about it.

Unfortunately, Thunderbird has not been developed and updated. It is for this reason that the Ul is perceived by many users as cluttered and not very intuitive.


Simplicity is key, especially when it comes to choosing among the best messaging software for Windows 10. Inky does a remarkable job creating a simple and easy user experience. This software offers a variety of features that you are used to in a unified box. After downloading it, you connect your platform accounts like Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail), Google Apps and Yahoo. The process is significantly simplified by the fact that most of the account information automatically registers the same way as when installing in Mailbird.

Like most email software for Windows 10, Inky lets you add as many accounts as you want. If you do not want to use the Unified Inbox option, checking each account individually is easy. Features like “social”, “promotions” and “subscriptions” can provide an intelligent overview of the various types of emails that arrive in your inbox. You have the power to completely customize your user interface.

As the mails arrive, Inky will classify them using a color-coded system. Dark blue is most relevant while light blue is the least relevant. In case it happens to him to manage badly the mails, you can teach him which mails are most important for you, while keeping your interface exactly as you please: this is one of the main characteristics responsible for the success of Inky.

Microsoft Outlook

The big monster that most people know about, Microsoft Office Outlook, is a real all-in-one productivity booster, an organizational tool, a calendar and a messaging software at a time. The basic version comes with seven gigabytes and does not limit the size of your attachments. Say goodbye to zip files!

One of the best features of Outlook is its multiple integrations including exchange support for smartphones and tablets. This allows you to use the application on your computer as well as while moving. Since the email software has become the property of Microsoft, you can chat directly from your inbox via Skype.

Outlook is committed to making your life easier, just like other messaging software for Windows 10, including social networking. It allows you to link accounts like Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will provide you with a stream without leaving the program! Outlook wants to keep your account safe and boasts of blocking 97% of spam.

All of the features mentioned above do not justify the price for most users. As for Thunderbird, Outlook Ul seems rather cluttered and outdated for many users.

eM Client

This email software gives the same impression as Outlook – without the price tag. It behaves like a typical multi accounts. Yet, eM Client stands out from others by its customization ability and offers a variety of different color schemes and styles. At its basic level, you have the option to link two accounts. With the “Pro” upgrade, you can add as many accounts as you like!

If you choose to participate in its paid exchange services, you will receive some additional bonuses. These include phone support and unlimited accounts. This service synchronizes the mails between your PC, your laptop and any other mobile device.

Popular IMing platforms like Jabber, Yahoo and Skype are very cleverly integrated with the built-in chat feature. eM Client also includes many impressive productivity features that Outlook offers such as calendar, contacts and spam filter. In addition, it advocates additional functions such as a bar that opens all previous communications between yourself and your current contact.


A bit like Em Client, Zimbra has a lot of Outlook functionality. Some similarities affect the calendar, the contact manager and the messaging software. It integrates Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange and both synchronization of IMAP and POP. Social networks are also an important feature and will appear several streams like Twitter.

In the same way as Mailbird’s unified inbox, you can see your multiple accounts in one inbox or as individual inboxes. Each email you receive is unique or chained. Zimbra gives you the ability to use a color code, filter and tag your e-mails just like other e-mail programs. On the other hand, Zimbra is easy to use. Plus, it integrates well with your mobile devices and reflects mobile changes to your contacts in the desktop version.