Are you hosting your wordpress website? Here are some frequently asked questions on WordPress Hosting.

Why do I need WordPress hosting to launch the site?

If you want to create a website on WordPress, you need web hosting. The hosting server will store the files of your site. Each site necessarily uses hosting. This is the home site. There he lives and stores content and all files.

Are there any free hosting providers?

Yes, but it’s better to stay away from them. As a rule, using them, you pay for advertising on your own site. Often these are carriers of malware. The worst thing free hosting providers can do is close your site, forgetting to notify you about it. Therefore, we strongly recommend avoiding them. At least if you are serious about your site.

How much does a WordPress site cost ?

It depends on your needs. Starting price is $ 50.

Do you need to buy a domain and hosting from one provider?

Not. This is not necessary, however, you will need to configure DNS if you choose a domain and hosting in different places. Of course, if you do not have a domain yet, it will be more convenient for you if you purchase a domain and hosting in one place.

Can I use these WordPress hosting for an online store?

Yes, all WordPress hostings from our rating offer free SSL certificates (evidence of reliability and security) that are needed to launch an online store.

How to protect your hosting account?

Your account provides access to the storage of all site content. Therefore, it is important to ensure the proper security of the resource. The best way to do this is to use a strong password and not log in from public places (or use a VPN at the same time).

How to install WordPress on my account?

Each WordPress hosting provider from our list comes with a WordPress installation. How to install WordPress through cPanel we described in detail with screenshots.

Why cPanel WordPress?

cPanel is a convenient control panel that many WordPress hosting companies use. Having cPanel is not necessary, but it greatly simplifies account management, for example.

How much traffic do these WordPress hosts support?

The amount of traffic for your site depends on the WordPress hosting plan you are on. Most hosting services withstand from 1000 to 2000 visitors per day. But it will not be superfluous if your plan involves the possibility of scaling.

How can I find out the monthly traffic of a site?

Multiply the number of pages visited per month by their size. For example, if the average page size is 100Kb, and the number of users per month was 1000 people, and they viewed 2000 pages, then the monthly traffic will be 2000 * 100 = 200,000 Kb, i.e. 200 Mb For sites with a high flow of visitors, this indicator is extremely important.

How do I move to another hosting?

Choose a hosting service that meets your requirements and will switch. Most hosters offer a free relocation service.

What WordPress hosting is the best place to host a site?

Consider the location of the data center, this affects the speed of users loading your site. The best hosting for WordPress is one that is geographically closer to your target audience. If the majority of the public reading your site is from Europe, choose a data center in Europe. Or use a CDN.

Which is better – a monthly plan or a long-term plan?

Almost every hosting company offers a good discount if you pay for services one year in advance. If you are serious about your business or blog, you understand that it will live for more than 3 months. Therefore, it is more convenient to choose an annual or even a two-year plan, it will cost half as much.