Servers are used everywhere – from small sites to large online games. We will tell you why you need a dedicated server, as well as where such a server can be taken.

The load on the site increases proportionally with an increase in visitors to your site or with an increase in global Internet traffic. Many servers do not withstand heavy loads and fail even with 10-20 thousand visitors per day. In such cases, a dedicated server will come to the rescue.
As the name implies, a dedicated server is one of the services of many hosting companies to provide a full-fledged web server, dedicated specifically to your needs. No other web sites will be hosted on such a server and it will entirely belong to you. 

The rental price of such a server is often much more expensive than regular hosting, but the benefits you get are much greater than using a simple server from a simple hosting provider.
When renting such a server, you get several basic advantages:

  • increased security, which will provide you with less problems in terms of protecting your site;
  • your site starts to work stably even with a large flow of visitors;
  • great functionality to configure compared to conventional hosting and a shared server.

In addition, there is such a thing as shared hosting . In this case, several web sites are located on one server at once, which worsens the reliability indicators of such a server in comparison with a dedicated one. 


A dedicated server is an excellent solution for large projects or for projects that require good protection and a large set of functionality. If you have a small website, then it would be wiser to use ordinary hosting, but if you have a more or less large project that requires good protection, it is better to overpay a bit and get an extra set of buns .

Where to rent a dedicated server?

Now many hosting companies offer dedicated server rental services. It is important to choose a company that will not only have good prices, but also the provided server will be powerful and will cover all your needs.
While renting a server from a company you should consider will get a number of things:

  • Round-the-clock support, as well as assistance in site migration;
  • A large data center with maximum availability in 99%;
  • Huge selection of servers with various configurations and settings;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • High reliability and performance of each server.