If you are a business owner or you are an entrepreneur and you want to create website, you must take into account some previous factors, so that you get a professional job. In this post, we will give you some recommendations so that you discover what you need to know when creating website.


This is the first step. Do you wonder how to know this good at first? The short answer is: it depends on the nature of your website.

Do you want to generate valuable content through a blog to educate your potential buyers? A blog on WordPress is the best option. Or do you just want to promote your product or service? In that case with a landing page or landing page will be more than enough. But if you also promote it, you want to sell it, then what you need is an online store (also known as e-commerce).

However, if it is about creating an institutional or corporate website, you probably have specific needs regarding the content manager to use, as well as the space needed to store the information. This also applies if you are going to create a news website, a digital magazine, or a community space such as a social network or forum.

We will explain it with a practical case: if you are a professional in an area, for example in engineering, and you want to create your website to offer your services, you need a website where your potential clients can meet you, know who you are, see your experience, your projects, and testimonials from your previous clients. You must also include contact forms through telephone calls, emails and especially contact forms. In this case, a landing page can meet your needs and those of your customers.


The time has changed. You no longer need to be a programmer to create a website. You also don’t need to spend hundreds of hours writing code and designing every section of your page.

Once you have acquired your address and your hosting, which we will explain in the next section, you just have to install a content manager such as WordPress, which is extremely intuitive and is also free. This CMS (Content Management System) helps you create your website without having to pay for someone to do it for you. 

Other alternatives are Tumblr or Wix, which are also very simple when installing and configuring them to create a website.


If you choose to pay a programmer and/or a designer to create your website, the end result will be more professional and you are likely to be ready in less time than it would require to do it on your own with trial and error.

These professionals will advise you on what is the most appropriate template for your website – that we will also explain later – and the design according to your type of business. Sometimes these two figures are the same person or go separately. You might also hire a marketing agency that takes care of all the work.

When we say all the work we also refer to the content, which can be created by you and “loaded” by the person to whom you delegate this task, or be included in the creation of your website.

So in short, the second thing you should keep in mind when creating your website is whether you will do it or hire someone to do it (programming, design, and content).


We put these two aspects together because you might acquire them with the same provider, although to tell the truth it is not necessary to do so. Think of your domain name as a business card, it must be fully recognizable to your customers, preferably short and simple. Very important: that it be written with the correct spelling. You will not want to lose customers for having written the name in an inappropriate or confusing way.

As for the hosting provider, the most important thing is immediate help or technical service. If your website falls, you have to have a hosting service company that responds quickly. 

To do this, review the comments and opinions about this provider on different sites such as forums, Facebook groups, opinion articles, reviews, and comparisons, always looking for those that are not content sponsored by resellers since in this case your vision may be skewed. Also, consider these characteristics:

  • Find the fastest hardware. What does this mean? That the discs that host the information on your website will have sufficient capacity and will not slow down your website. Your provider must give assurances that they support the level of traffic you aspire to have in the future. 
  • Find the smartest software. The reason? Optimizes and adjusts automatically to appear easily in search engines.
  • 24/7/365 support. You don’t need an explanation here. You know it from experience. The customer service must be available 365 days a year at all times because your website is active in the same way. We are sure that you do not want to stay hung or offline in case of a problem. 
  • Scaleable. The service must be extensive, that way, in case you require more capacity, you should only contact your provider to choose other packages.

Money-back guarantee. In case the service is poor, you will need your money back.

To close this point, consider that hosting services usually offer specific plans that are very helpful when creating your website, such as WordPress plans if you have a blog, for Joomla or Drupal if your website is corporate, or for Prestashop, if you have a store. That is, you can always customize your service to the fullest, in addition to being able to choose monthly, annual or multi-year payment plans.


In the create your website through templates it gives you the opportunity to make a professional website. There are both paid and free templates. We can mention some such as Genesis Framework, Astra and Avada among the most popular in the case of WordPress.

An alternative to templates is visual builders such as ElementorDiviBeaver Builder, among others, which with a very simple technique called “drag and drop” help you create amazing websites in no time. 


Knowledge is key when creating a website. Define the type of website you need, set a deadline to create it or hire experts to do it, choose a domain, a hosting, the content manager and the appropriate template and … Hands-on the keyboard. 

Keep in mind that your page should work perfectly because your users will enter at any time looking for your products or services. Your user experience (UX) must be excellent for them to buy.   

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