Do you think your site is the best in the world? You have no doubt that it will bring you profit? Do you think that any hosting is suitable for your site ?

You are deeply mistaken. Not only will poor hosting not raise your ranking in search engines and directories, it can also hurt your site.

Good hosting can draw out a bad website, and a good website can never be a bad hosting. He will anchor your brainchild to the bottom, nullify all your labors and aspirations. And there are 5 main reasons for this.

1. SEO system(Search Engine Optimization), designed to increase the ranking of a site in the results of search engines for specific user requests. The higher your site’s position in issuing results for a particular query, the more visitors will follow the link to a site issued by a search engine. The search engine determines the ranking of a site by statistical and dynamic indicators. Of course, the statistics do not depend on the quality of the hosting. Another thing is dynamic performance can dramatically lower your position in the ranking. The reason for this may be the hosting on which your site is located. If the hosting server is too overloaded with resources and is very slow, then at the time the search robot contacts your site, it will simply receive an error message and give a zero result on request. This will not be reflected too well in the ranking of your site, which means that it will fall to lower positions in search queries.

2. The rule of eight seconds. How long has your site been loading? Count. Have you counted more than eight seconds? So know, almost every visitor to your site left him without waiting for an answer. Of course, there are those who decide to leave the page much earlier, and some wait, but after completing about four transitions, disappointed, leave your site. And statistics at the same time considers the visitor, even if he did not see a single word of your site.

3. The problem of traffic.It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a website for a business or maintaining a personal blog, the most important thing for you is visitors, you can tell your customers. Present your site in the form of an office where you work and host your business partners and clients. Yes, at first there are not very many of them, but you work and develop the entire client base. And now you have achieved that new people come to you every day, new products arrive. But the office is not rubber, and you decide that people who come after 12:00 remain on the street, or will be invited the next day. I think in this way you lose a lot of customers and money. Also your site. Visitors left beyond your traffic are unlikely to come to your site again. Providing limited traffic at one point will bring you big problems.

4. Decrease in TIC (Thematic Index of Citation). This is a search engine technology that determines the credibility of a site due to the number of links to them from other sites. TIC is determined by the average total number of sites linking to your site. If the expectation of a response to the link is too high or gives an error on the request, this leads to the fact that the link mass decreases sharply, and subsequently leads to the citation of the site in general. Naturally, these errors occur for several reasons, but the most important of them is poor hosting!

5. The human factor , namely unskilled and non-operational technical support. All of the above problems (1-4p) depend more on the technical characteristics of the hosting server. However, there are still many unpredictable and undetected problems that you will have to face. And of course, competent and efficient employees of the hosting company whose services you use should definitely come to your aid. The future of your site depends largely on how quickly and correctly technical support workers work. Before buying a hosting, test these important qualities with the employees of the hosting company. Because downtime, errors, reduced traffic, low server response time – all this leads to the fact that even the most wonderful site will fall in the ratings lower and lower.


When choosing a hosting, you need to consider many factors that improve the performance of your site. Do not let poor hosting ruin your site, make the right choice for a bright and cloudless future for your site.