Of course, a VPN service works like a data router. It establishes an encrypted route for traffic between the office and your computer, then forwards the traffic to where you would like to go in the way it was originally located.

What Advantages Does A VPN Connection Have?

  • It allows external access to internal networks, through the Internet, in a secure way.
  • Protect data traffic, from where you are to the VPN server. No one in a public place can see what their traffic is or where it actually goes. All they can see are encrypted packets, and they all go to the VPN server.
  • Hide the traffic point of origin. If you connect through a United States VPN you will have no way of knowing that you are in Germany just by looking at your traffic.

If you are asking if your Internet provider can decrypt your traffic because that is the service you use to access the Internet, the answer is no. They may be able to make good assumptions about what they are doing, but they will not be able to read the traffic they are doing.

An OpenVPN service is very safe if used correctly. It provides a high performance quite high.