Custom technologies are being updated, new security threats and failures that can be used by malicious people come out every day. Not only to steal information, but to use it as a bridge to attack others.

That is why when we are going to publish our web application or website we must take into account the security that the data that is being transferred to visitors or customers must have, since there are hackers that can discover if your site or Web application has some vulnerability.

Considering that the security, authenticity and confidentiality of communications as well as your website are important for any client, it is necessary to use an SSL certificate. This is a security protocol that allows data traveling through the network to be encrypted. The SSL certificate is a key system that only the user’s machine and server know, and then become illegible at the time of processing. In this sense, the information is safe since it cannot be tracked, copied and decrypted by someone who is not part of the established communication.


  1. The Internet browser checks the website and its IP with the certificate data.
  2. The server and Internet browser interact to know what encryption they will use
  3. The server and browser provide unique codes that will be used when encrypting and decrypting data.
  4. The browser displays a confirmation in the address bar indicating that the connection is secure and, therefore, all information is encrypted.


  1. To maintain the security of your servers.
  2. To ensure the communication channel between your clients and your services.
  3. Protect the integrity of your customers’ information.
  4. Increase the trust of your clients towards your company, in this way your clients will know that their data cannot be violated.
  5. Improve the positioning of your website, because having an SSL Certificate will be positioned organically, which is an advantage to enhance your visibility on the Web.
  6. It is an effective solution against dangerous and feared phishing (data theft).

How Can We Obtain An SSL Certificate?

  1. Buying from a Certification Authority Provider which can be expensive.
  2. Create your own certificate using OpenSSL, which is called as your own signature certificate.

It should be noted that the SSL Certificate of your own signature has the same level of encryption as that of an authorized provider, the only thing is that it does not appear in the preset list of browsers and therefore that makes them distrustful, but this fact that does not stop the most important thing is that your customer data is safe.