The demand for unique content has been increased over the past few years. Every product, article, blog, and general need a unique kind of content that can attract the attention of people.

It is not an easy job to write an exclusive text about everything. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for the writer to pen down the thoughts into words.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is rewriting the idea of an author into your own words. Here, you use the thoughts of other writers and play with the words in such a way that the meaning remains the same with the best alternatives of those words.

That means the writer us the ideas of other authors and changes the entire structure of an article without changing its original theme.

What are paraphrasing tools and apps?

Paraphrasing tools and apps help you in rewriting the content. In the field of content writing, every student, blogger, journalist, and writer need such kinds of apps that can make the content unique.

When you put the content in these tools, they spin the entire content and make it 100% different from the actual one.

Best paraphrasing apps for the Bloggers

Following are some apps that will help you in writing unique content. Especially, Bloggers can create very unique and different content with the help of these apps.

Paraphrasing app by Prepostseo


It is one of the best paraphrasing app used by thousands of people and has a lot of advantages. First of all, this app is free of cost.  You do not have to pay for it on a monthly or annually basis.

Secondly, it gives you accurate results. It completely changes the structure of the whole sentence by spinning the whole line.

This advanced and modern text spinner app is full of new and best features. We will discuss some of them without wasting time.

Unique text

While using this app, you don’t need to worry about the structure of sentences and lines. This paraphrasing app by Prepostseo is very good at spinning the texts.

In this way, it will use the best and unique synonyms as an alternate. Moreover, your headache of writing different content on the same topic is gone.

In addition to this, the chance of duplication becomes faded by using this top application.

Free of cost

The best thing about this application is that it is free of cost. This is a very good point. You can use it without paying any amount. There is no need to sign up for this application.

Safe to use

This app is very safe to use as it does not keep your data. As soon as you leave the application, your data is automatically deleted and removed from the app.

Downloading results

You can easily download the new results after the alternation. Just click on the download button and it will save the new file on your device.

Paraphrasing app by softo


This is the second-best content rewriting application that can change your whole article and make it new for the readers.

By using this application, bloggers can easily change and restructure the whole content in such a way that it remains unique and exclusive as compared to the original one.

Here are some features of the paraphrasing application that is provided by the and will force you to give it a try.

Editing modes

Not every application provides this feature. This app specifically offers you to edit your content.

For example, if you want to change the color of the text or if you are not satisfied with the font of the text, you can edit it.

Providing ideas for the new content

Once you are done with generating new content, it highlights and bold the words that are changed and replaced with the old ones.

So, if you do not like any of those words, you can easily change that word and use another alternative.

Save the new content

Once you are done editing your content, you can save the text file. There is an icon of “save”. You can click over there and save your work.

Free of cost

This application is free of cost. You can download it for free. Moreover, there is no need to make an account. You can directly go and change the content.

Paraphraser by MA Developers

In the list of top applications that spin the whole content structure and makes the article 100% unique and different from the older one, this app holds a special place.

Once you are done with changing the content material, you will see the difference between the old version and the new text of the content.

Following are some features of MA Developer’s rephrasing application that make it unique from others

Plagiarism free content

This app provides you with completely plagiarism-free content. So, you don’t have to worry that there may be copied content in your article.

Multiple tasks

This application has a very unique feature. You can upload more than one file at a time. It will generate accurate results for you in the end.

This will increase your work efficiency and supports to increase your workflow. In this way, one can perform multiple tasks with it at one time.

Safe to use

Safety is the priority of the user and they always look for a secure online application that can keep their data safe. This application is very safe and you do not need to worry about the security of content.

It protects your data and does not share it with anyone. It does not even save your work in its databases.

Final words

The applications discussed above are best for making your content unique. Especially, these applications are very helpful for the bloggers.

Other than those online paraphrasers, you can use these to save your money as well as time and get the best results.

You must try these applications once on your mobile devices. You are not going to regret it.