Website builders are software tools that allow you to create websites and manage them even without the knowledge of basic programming, web design, or HTML layouts.

A contemporary website builder also allows you to choose the type of your website. You can create a single page site, a portfolio, an online store, etc.

You also get to choose from an array of ready web design templates, color palettes, and blocks that can be used to populate your website.

To create your site using a website builder, you don’t need to study any programming languages since 90% of work has already been performed for you by the website builder’s developers. You only need to select the elements and arrange them in line with your brand’s style and add texts, photos, and videos.

Now let’s review some of the free and premium website builders that are worth your attention.

Top 6 Website Builders

1. Squarespace – The Best Universal Website Builder

Squarespace is a well-received website builder. Its functions and capacities are broad enough to meet the needs of a wide set of audience.

The great variety of its functions might make it appear too complicated for beginners. But it comes with a drag-and-drop builder, just like several other website builders, and is easy to use.

The level of complexity of use depends on what skills you have. And what requirements you have from the website. But no matter the level of your web development knowledge, you can create a quality website with Squarespace. The builder’s great template library guarantees that you will have all the options that you need.

2. Shopify – The Best Tool for Creating Online Stores

Shopify is a worthy product in more ways than one. It has beautiful themes and is user-friendly and functional too. Aimed mainly at those who wish to create an online store, it lives up to the expectations that you’d have from it.

The process of choosing the design templates in Shopify is somewhat unusual for SaaS platforms. It’s more like a Content Management System in this regard.

Advanced users can also make use of the option to edit the template code. This lets you tweak every aspect of the site to meet your specific needs. You can also upload the source code of the chosen theme to your PC for editing. Or work using a local editor.

3. Jimdo

Jimdo is another interesting free website builder. It’s a good solution for users who don’t want to delve deep into creating custom templates or studying HTML and CSS codes.

Most of the settings can be done using the option to edit the page structure. All the elements here are available as individual blocks. And you can add as many elements as you want and arrange them in any order.

Though it does have some user interface issues, Jimdo’s many features overshadow its shortcoming.

4. is a website builder that is nothing less than perfect. With, you get full access to several tools and functions, regardless of the subscription plan you choose. This ensures that your website will look and function just as you planned.

You’ll find hundreds of high-quality templates with the website builder. And you can easily configure them to get a unique website. That’s possible even if you don’t know how to write a single line of code.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has a collection of around one and a half million templates. And each of the templates offers several different color schemes too.

Here you’ll also find 120 turnkey websites. You can use these and just add your own content and specify your company’s name and contact details to create a custom website.

Moreover, GoDaddy offers access to a fantastic range of high-quality images. Along with an option to configure a lot of settings according to your needs.

6. offers an intuitive dashboard with lots of configurable functions. The website builder’s approach is simple, and it is relatively easy to use.

Even with minimum or no knowledge of web designing, you’d be able to create a quality website for your blog or business. And you’ll never feel the need to write even a line of code. users get a free domain name. You also get advertising options for 300$. And more than 1000 beautiful templates and a set of superstructures for free.