Looking at recent trends in Digital Marketing, we see that technology is the protagonist. The advances in the way companies promote their concepts are interesting and avant-garde. As an example, we have the influence of Artificial Intelligence and also great news from Google, which we invite you to know below.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the marketing strategies of companies

AI has revolutionized traditional marketing concepts and will continue to do so for much longer. Currently, its multiple applications allow reaching audiences looking for a dynamic and satisfactory experience. Just analyze the main ones:

-Online advertising: programmatic purchases have allowed entrepreneurs to take ownership of the best advertising spaces, thanks to the help of smart programs, which contribute to reaching the right audience, through the ideal platform.

-Customized content: Artificial Intelligence also allows you to deliver to your audience the type of information they want, according to their habits, interests, and hobbies. Through Email Marketing, Blogging and Social Networks, you will be able to capture followers and prospects in a more exact way, by personalizing their experience.

-Intelligent automatic messaging: through chatbots and services such as Facebook Messenger, it is possible to improve user interaction, thanks to the speed with which information is delivered and questions are resolved.

-Personal assistants: from the comfort of a cell phone, any user can ask questions and queries, which will be answered by an intelligent automatic program, which becomes an efficient assistant for any professional, student or entrepreneur.

AI has revolutionized traditional marketing concepts and will continue to do so for much longer.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in a Marketing campaign

This technology is capable of impacting an online advertising plan, due to several important factors:

-Achieve a better user experience: the speed to obtain online assistance or to find a certain content of interest to the user will forever change the perception of a digital platform that provides this type of service.

-Increase conversions: of course, having a smart experience when visiting a platform will help the user to give a positive response to the offer presented to them. This is important to convert leads to secure customers, thereby increasing profits.

-Strengthen the prestige and name of your brand: all modern companies need their public to identify with avant-garde and dynamic ideas. Probably, in a few more years, a company that does not integrate AI into its programs will be seen as those that still used mechanical typewriters in the midst of the desktop computer era.

Google launches its new “Smart Displays”

It is a smart screen that Google has designed in combination with Lenovo, to get the most out of Assistant, its smart program for electronic devices. According to the official information from the company, this smart screen would have the following characteristics:

-It will have a presentation of 2 sizes, 8 and 10 inches, equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage memory.

-They have a 5-megapixel camera, as well as a Snapdragon 624 processor.

-In addition, the main function of Smart Displays will consist of executing a series of tasks by means of voice commands, such as searching for products in electronic stores, information on the net, and even preparing video playlists on YouTube.

-Users will be able to listen to podcasts and music from services like Pandora and Spotify. They can also enjoy audiobooks from Google Play Books.

-Are you a kitchen lover? Then this product is for you, as it will guide you step by step to prepare delicious recipes.

-Video calls can be made through the Duo application.

Google expands the concept of “smart device”

Thanks to this new launch, Google will compete with Amazon and its “Echo Show” screen, thus expanding the scope of its technological concepts.

Furthermore, brands must take advantage of these trends to restructure their marketing plans. In the case of smart assistants and voice searches, it is urgent that their content includes keywords of high commercial intention, to take advantage of the benefits of SEO through this technology.

The Marketing Digital and its applications, revolutionizing continue to surprise and promotion plans as we know them now. Therefore, the responsibility of each brand will be to update its strategies so that they are in line with the new times and reach audiences looking for a modern and comfortable experience.