Which Are The Best Hosts In Canada?

Like the United States, Canada is very active in the web hosting market, particularly with regard to the dedicated hosting service. Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration in which a server is dedicated to a single website. This contrasts with shared hosting, in which a server houses multiple clients. A dedicated hosting service is sometimes called a […] [read more]

5 Powerful Free Analysis Tools

Are you thinking of paid website hosting? There are thousands of web hosting providers in Canada. Before you choose one of these that best suits your needs, you may read our article on factors to consider before buying a web hosting service and use these 5 free tools to check the metrics.  1. Check how fast […] [read more]

How To Choose The Best Website Hosting?

TO CHOOSE THE BEST WEBSITE HOSTING: Make a list of trusted webhost companies that you want to check – you could use our table shown above  Web Hosting Location – You should request a Germany / Europe based data center (significantly faster data delivery). In addition, an English-speaking, in-house post-service team is desirable (this post-support team is in […] [read more]

Web Hosting Introduction For Beginners

In this article, we’ve put together all the important information you need as a new webmaster to plan and successfully build your own website. There are three key steps you should take into consideration: You should choose a web host, domain name, and application to create and manage your website content. How to choose a web […] [read more]

Buying Domain? Follow These Tips

In this guide, we’ll cover all topics so you can make informed decisions when buying a domain name for your business. This guide includes some basic rules to follow and many useful tips. First, let’s start with a few terms that are commonly used when talking about domainn. Basic domain terminology What is a domain name? The […] [read more]

7 Tips For Managing Your Hosting With CPANEL

Control panel of the hosting account To manage your hosting account, you can use cPanel. In it you can manage files, folders, mailboxes, FTP accounts, databases, backups and many other features in the hosting account. TIP 1: To the control panel cPanel always use encrypted connection. Also, make sure the panel password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, […] [read more]

5 Unavoidable Errors From Web Hosting Shoppers

If you act like most business owners, then your website is at least part of your income, and if there are problems with web hosting, it can affect net income. There is nothing worse than a web hosting company that is down without warning or explanation, too long for solving problems, can not secure your […] [read more]