Are you thinking of paid website hosting? There are thousands of web hosting providers in Canada. Before you choose one of these that best suits your needs, you may read our article on factors to consider before buying a web hosting service and use these 5 free tools to check the metrics. 

1. Check how fast your hosting is with

With the check-host you can check some important things about a hosting provider. Just type in the URL of the hosting service or enter a website that uses the hosting services and click on the parameters. As simple as that.

This tool can be used to find out how fast the click is to get hosting info such as location (important for SEO and fast content delivery), ISP and IP range. You can analyze the HTTP requirements and how quickly they are delivered from different places on earth.

The “Port Tool” analyzes how quickly the connection to the server port is created and the DNS shows when the DNS records were last updated. 

2. Analyze the page speed test and load time with Pingdom

With the Pingdom tool you can analyze the performance of the page in different ways. To check the web hosting performance tho, enter the domain name hosted on the server and click “test now”. When the results are ready, it will show you the test server, including the servers, the average power quality, requirements and desires, time and download speed.

Hostingwise the most important factor is in the first line. If you hover on it, you can look at the time taken to connect to MS. You can also find the DNS and see it. These metrics are important if you have a list of hosting providers to compare and analyze.

Further useful information can be provided by the side analysis kit. It shows a lot of information about how quickly each domain is loaded, what it loads from each domain, the files, and so on, so you can see what needs to be optimized.

3. Find all hosting and server issues with MxToolbox Supertool

This tool works in autopilot mode. Just go to the supertool page, and type in the domain you want to analyze and click on the MX Lookup button. Then you will see a green button labeled “Finding Problems”. Click on it, and the tool will analyze a lot of factors that are related to your hosting – blacklist, mail server, web server, DNS, and other related issues.

If an error or warning occurs, you can click on “More Details” and see why it works. Then you can contact your hosting provider to fix the problem, or if you are considering the hosting purchase from this company, you can email customer care and inquire about this issue.

4. Free stress test from your hosting with the load blow

The Stress Impact Tester is a beautiful thing. It’s free and does not even require you to sign up. Just go to the page and type in the domain. It will start the test and it will tell you what will happen to the load times of your page or given page when multiple users come on the page. The test goes to 150.

This will allow you to gauge what the user will experience when the page is overloaded by visitors due to a campaign, or when the page is infected with a virus, or when your blog or website becomes very popular. It is one of the most important test tools you need when you have decided to do something serious on the internet.  

5. Operating time Monitor –

This is a very handy tool. It is free for the uptime monitor. You’ll need to create a free account, then sign in with it and insert the domain you want to test. You do not have to buy anything from the company. 

Why is this tool useful? Many hosting ads claim to have 99.9% uptime and so your content is almost always online. The providers also have the money back option if they do not deliver. But most people do not know this because they do not monitor their websites in any way. Create a free account at and keep the operating time of your server under control.