We use search engines daily. But few people know that those simple queries that usually come from us on Google are not very effective.

Users most often enter two or three words, changing them until a suitable result is found. 

But with advanced search capabilities, things are much faster! Here are some of the most useful hacks that can help you get more accurate answers to your search queries. 

1. The phrase verbatim

If you want to find the phrase verbatim or the exact form of the word, then include them in quotation marks, for example, ” Business is war .” The search engine will search for such a request without synonyms or word changes. 

2. Omit the word

To exclude from the search results, any term, precede it with the sign  . For example, last-minute tours – Turkey. 

3. Include the word

The required word must be marked with a + . By analogy with the previous paragraph it turns out: last-minute tours + Egypt.

4. Missed word

Forgot a word from a phrase? Place the * symbol instead . An asterisk will help you find the missing part of the sentence. An example of such a request: Life is a very * thing. 

5. Or

Using the OR operator, a user can force Google to search for one of several specified conditions, while by default results are returned for all conditions specified in the request. Example use OR: VKontakte applications OR facebook.

6. Search within one site

If you need to find information on a specific portal, use the site: operator. In this case, the request should look like this: site: t2mio.com SEO.

7. Definition of the word

To quickly find the meaning of a word, use the operator define:. For example, define: marketing. 

8. Calculator

If you write an example in the search bar, then Google will display the result of the calculation. Query option: 250 + 420 .

9. Find similar sites

The search for information resources with similar content is possible thanks to the operator related:. After it, specify the site whose analogues you want to see. For example, related: t2mio.com

10. Find a cached page

To search for a specific cached page, use the operator cache:. Example request: cache: zeslecp.com vpn.

11. Find by title

Using the operator, allintitle:you can search solely by page names. For example, allintitle: champagne wines factory. 

12. Track flight status

Google is able to determine flight status and other useful flight information by airline and aircraft number.

13. Find data in one language

If you need results from sites in a specific language, then after the request write lang: and the letter abbreviation of the required language (en – English, fr – French, de – German, ru – Russian, etc.). For example, pizza lang: fr. 

14. Find a specific file format

An operator is intended to solve this problem filetype:. After the search query, enter filetype: and the type you need (doc, fb2, pdf and others).