A compact, visually attractive link is an important part of the advertising campaign of any Internet resource. It is convenient to share a short address; it is easy to perceive and remember. Using a compressed URL you can track statistics, analyze the flow of visitors.

What is a short URL and how to get it?

Short URL – a shortened link to a web resource, the size of which is about 20 characters (considering https: //). Replacing a long domain with a short one is done using online services.

How does a URL shortener work?

The scheme for reducing the URL is simple: a long link is sent to the service for processing, which stores it in its database and assigns it a key that serves as a new address (when you click on it, the user is automatically redirected to the usual (long) address).

Link Reduction Services

A link shortener is a simple and convenient tool that you can use online. To do this, you just need to enter your URL into the proposed line and get a ready-made short link. In addition to cropping, some services offer statistics with various parameters. Let’s consider the TOP of the most reliable and high-quality services:

1. bit.ly

This service is one of the largest in the world in providing link reduction services. Its headquarters are located in New York, and its customers include companies such as Samsung and Pepsi Co.

Key features of bit.ly:

  • the ability to crop the link without registering;
  • the availability of statistics (provided to registered users on an abbreviated URL);
  • the ability to create a link name yourself (for this we enter it in Customize);
  • intuitive and pleasant interface;
  • technical support 24/7 (round the clock and seven days a week);
  • free access to basic functions;
  • the ability to customize the URL;
  • the presence of a paid version (there are a number of additional features, for example, creating a brand domain, in-depth analytics);
  • the ability to customize a corporate service plan;
  • no serious flaws.
bitly URL shortener

2.  Tiny URL

One of the oldest and most reliable services, existing for more than 15 years. 

The benefits include the following:

  • no need to register;
  • it is possible to customize the URL;
  • the ability to optimize operation by adding the appropriate button to the quick access panel in browsers;
  • free of charge.

A feature of the Tiny URL is the fact that it was used by Twitter until it changed it to bit.ly, and in the end, did not even create its own automatic short-link generator t.co.

TinyURL url shortener

3. T2m.io

Many users call t2m.io the most convenient link shortening service of all. It is free (takes just sign up fee for stopping spamming) and has a minimum of features. 

Other positive aspects of this service include:

  • well-designed FAQ section (Frequently asked questions), where a huge range of questions has been processed;
  • reliability;
  • the ability to customize the address;
  • the presence of graphical visualization of statistical data.
T2m URL Shortener