Plesk alternative hosting control panel

Best Plesk Alternative

If you're brainstorming to choose between Plesk and ZesleCP, here are some points worth of reading before making the final decision.


ZesleCP is meant for fast, easy to use, and super-light on resources.

Some important points regarding ZesleCP:
    • it is a lowest priced hosting control panel,
    • it's light-weight and super fast
    • it takes less than 10 minutes to install with single command hit
    • it needs less than half of GB space to install

ZesleCP comes with all the features you need to manage your hosting to run website smoothly.
    • GUI based Server Configuration
    • Create and Manage Reseller Accounts and Multi-User Accounts
    • Managing Multi version PHP Settings such as memory limit, maximum execution time, and many more
    • Add & Manage Unlimited Domains, Sub-domains, and Users
    • One Click Apps like WordPress
    • Add Your Own SSL/TLS
    • FREE Let’s encrypt SSL option to install with a single-click
    • Manage SSH Keys (pem, ppk)
    • Add or Edit DNS records
    • UNLIMITED Email Accounts with pre-configured records such as MX, DKIM.
    • Manage MySQL Databases using PHPMyAdmin
    • Easy to use File Manager
    • Advance Log Viewer
    • Backup Manager for Websites and Databases
    • API Support

Useful Links for ZesleCP:
Explore Pricing & Features   |   Read Documentation   |   Changelog


Plesk is a good control panel and it comes with good amount of features and extensions as well most of the times users don't need such kind of extra features.

Plesk comes with a different kind of pricing plans and on average it costs $15+/mo.

Plesk have all the features for managing hosting servers including some extra features like:
    • Reseller Account,
    • manage Billings,
    • Docker Support,
    • Change Language,
    • Change Looks and Feel of GUI
    • Cloud Hyperscaling.

Choosing between ZesleCP and Plesk

If you need affordable, super fast and light-weight web control panel with all the necessary features then you should try ZesleCP.
If you looking for big brand name and expensive solution, you should buy Plesk. cPanel is another alternative hosting control panel option.